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You woke up the next morning with Bucky lightly shaking you. You grunted in response to make him stop. You sat up rubbing your eyes. You saw that it was still dark outside.
“What time is it?” You asked with a sleepy voice.
“Um fifteen minutes past five.” He murmured back. You snapped your head around to glare at him.
“In the morning?” You shouted frustrated by the time. You sighed in anger and let your head hit the pillow.
“Yes now get up I have a surprise.” He nagged shaking you violently until you sat up again.
“At this time?” You barked back eyes bulging in anger. You certainly were not a morning person. Bucky was always up before you and dared not to wake you, he learnt that early on.
“I promise you will love it.” He stated pulling you up from the bed. You noticed he was already dressed in a white shirt with a matching tie and had black trousers and a jacket. His shoes were the same as yesterday.
“How long have you been up?” You questioned looking him up and down.
“Since four.” He replied almost too casually.
“How are you even functioning?” You asked shocked by how awake he looked.
“I mean it’s not like we got a lot of sleep last night.” You said quieter. He laughed knowing what you said was correct. A lot happened the night before and it definitely wasn’t sleep.
“It’s what you call coffee.” He responded pointing to the cup he made himself on the table beside the bed on his side.
“Now get ready.” He urged walking out of the room into the kitchen taking his empty cup with him. You opened your suitcase which you didn’t even look in properly. You opened it for the first time last night and only quickly rummaged through for a pair of pyjamas that you didn’t even use. You picked out a white button blouse that had a hard collar and burgundy trousers and black ankle boots which had a small heel. You got dressed quickly and went into the bathroom with your bathroom essentials and makeup. You washed and cleaned your teeth lazily still trying to wake yourself up. You applied the same amount of makeup on the day before trying not to mess up as you were not fully awake. You tied your hair up in a neat ponytail having your long (h/c) locks flow down your back. You walked out of the bathroom to have your handbag almost chucked rather than past. You luckily caught it and placed it on your shoulder. You went to complain at Bucky for being so careless but you saw him holding a woven picnic basket in his hand. You smiled in amazement. He looked too damn adorable.
“Yay you’re smiling, that’s a good sign!” He joked pecking a quick kiss on your lips before taking your hand and leading you down to the streets of London again. The sun wasn’t even out and the roads were dead. But that’s when you thought, sunrise. You didn’t ask if it was, you didn’t need to. You both walked across the Waterloo Bridge hand in hand not even checking if the agents were behind you, you already knew they were. You kept walking at a steady pace until you stopped in front of the London Eye.
“Sorry to be a spoil sport but I’m sure this doesn’t open until nine or ten.” You cautioned watching Bucky’s reaction. He turned to you and just winked with a cheeky grin. Then you saw a female London Eye work member walk towards you.
“You must be Mr Barnes. If you would like to follow me I will lead you to your capsule.” You looked at Bucky in shock.
“I may have pulled a few strings with the help of Tony.” Bucky announced proudly. You did what he expected and kissed him as a thank you. You followed the woman until you reached a capsule which had a small low table set out draped with a white table cloth. You quickly entered dragging in Bucky with you. You sat your bag down next to the table and walked to look out of the glass. You heard the door close and suddenly started to move. You turned to see Bucky opening the picnic basket on the table setting out food. He placed two bottles of orange juice, a pack of fresh strawberries and freshly backed blueberry muffins, your favourite. Before you could even let him speak you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. You felt him smiled against your lips and he wrapped you in his arms as he picked you up and spun you.
“This is perfect.” You stammered as he set you back on the ground. He smiled and took a blanket from the basket and set it by the window.
“Sit.” He ordered picking up the food and drink taking it over and placing it on the blanket. You opened your orange juice and took a sip refreshing your dry throat. He sat down beside you opening his drink but spilling a little down his trousers as the capsule came to a sudden stop at the top. You heard him curse to himself and laughed.
“Can you get me a napkin from the basket?” He asked placing his orange juice down and gently wiping his trousers. You nodded still laughing at him and walked to the basket. You picked up the napkins but underneath were a letter with your name on it with Bucky’s handwriting. You turned to Bucky not saying anything, his back was to you but you could tell he was smiling. You picked up the letter and opened it.
To my dearest (y/n),
I always thought that I would never find love until I met you. You are the first girl that I have ever truly been in love with and it is the best feeling in the world. Every time I see you I think my heart skips a beat or two. You make me feel so comfortable when I’m with you, but at the same time, I’m probably as nervous as a guy can possibly get. Staring into your eyes gives me this warm feeling that words can’t even explain and it forces me to keep a smile on my face. Every time I kiss you I feel like there’s a ‘million billion’ butterflies flying around in my stomach trying to escape. I can hold you in my arms for hours if I had the chance to. Everything that we have been through together never affected the way I felt for you even though at points it got rough but it made me love you more. Without you I don’t know where I would be but I know I wouldn’t be the man I am today. You saved me (y/n). You saved me from the man I once was. I still don’t understand how a guy like me wound up with a girl like you; I guess you can call it luck! To be with you is all I want, and I would give anything to be with you forever. The love we got is the greatest you can ever get. Nothing will be able to ruin this love, because our love is too strong to be ruined.
You felt the tears escaping from your eyes. You quickly wiped them away so they couldn’t ruin the letter. You were still shocked by the words written on the paper, it was truly beautiful. You picked up the napkins and sat beside Bucky chucking them at him. He turned to you and his face went pale noticing you were crying.
“Why are you crying?” He asked nervously just staring at you.
“Shut up.” You giggled claiming his mouth again. Bucky pulled you closer which made you sit on your knees. He did the same grabbing your waist holding you in place not wanting it to end. You linked your arms around his neck still with the letter in hand. Then as you were kissing a burst of orange light flooded the capsule. You both turned to see the sun rising. You sat down again cuddling into Bucky’s chest. He encased you in his arms laying his chin on the top of his head as you both watched the sun rise of London. It was amazing to witness a city come to life. You started to read the letter again taking in each and every word like it was going to disappear from your hands.
“I guess you liked it?” Bucky whispered into your ear.
“Of course I did. It was beautiful.” You replied looking up at him.
“I love you.” You smirked kissing his bottom lip.
“I love you too, always.” He declared staring into your eyes smiling.
You sat in the capsule for another hour eating your breakfast giving each other smiles every minute. You even made Bucky read the letter to you making you cry more because he didn’t even look at the letter; he remembered it off by heart. After the hour the capsule started to move again so Bucky packed up the basket. You put the letter in your bag keeping it safe and placed it your bag on your shoulder. You left thanking the staff but you saw Bucky pass them some money, they certainly had huge grins on their faces. You were not even going to ask how much he gave them. He took your hand and started to walk back to the apartment.
“We will go back to the apartment until eleven ’O’clock.” Bucky announced squeezing your hand slightly.
“So I can sleep?” You asked laughing.
“Yes you can sleep.” You did have an amazing time on the London Eye but you did feel really tired. When you reached the apartment you took off your shoes and put your bag on your bed.
“You can put a film on if you want, I sit with you but I will fall asleep.” You suggested to Bucky. He nodded agreeing and picked you up bridal style setting your down on the sofa in the living room.  He opened up the cupboard filled with the DVDs scanning for a film. He smiled when his eyes set on a movie. He pulls it out and shows it to you; Star Wars: A New Hope. You smile at his choice as he shuts the cupboard and walks over to the TV.
“Uh hun, where does the disc go?” He asked looking at the TV and then you. You laugh at him taking the disc and inserting it at the bottom of the TV. You pass him the remote and pull him to the sofa settling down next to each other. You were caged in his arms as you snuggled into his warmth. It only took you a few minutes of the film to fall asleep.
A kiss on the forehead stirred your from your sleep. You opened your eyes to find the ending to the second Star Wars movie.
“What time is it?” You yawned stretching your legs and arms that were tightly fitted on the sofa.
“Nearly eleven.” Bucky warned lifting you up and setting your feet on the ground. Bucky took out of the DVD while you walked in the bedroom to put your shoes on. You checked you makeup quickly rubbing the black smudges under your eyes from you mascara. You walked into the bedroom to find Bucky holding your handbag out for you.
“Why thank you kind chap.” You said with a posh English accent.
“What was that?” He said bursting into laughter. You snatched your bag from him hiding the redness building on your face. You couldn’t help but act like an idiot in front of him; he just brings it out in you. You walked out of the room trying to drown out Bucky’s wild laughter.
“I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He proclaimed locking the door and cloaked his arm around your waist. You waked outside to find the sun shining tall in the sky, the streets were a lot busier than before. London was alive once again. You and Bucky strolled to your next destination dodging the number of pedestrians. Since it was a Saturday it seemed a lot busier.
You entered Covent Garden where he led you to a shop that you were not expecting to visit; The Disney Store. You laughed as you shouldn’t have been surprised. He knew your love for Disney Movies. You walked inside trying not to get trampled by small children who were overly excited. You were looking at mugs and snow globes when two arms came over your head holding a Minnie mouse teddy. You laughed and took it from his hands. She was dressed in her original black and red outfit. She was the perfect size.
“You want her?” Bucky whispered in your ear. You nodded your head in excitement. He brought you over to the till where he paid for it. The woman behind the counter couldn’t help but smile knowing it was for you. She placed it in a bag which Bucky happily wanted to carry around. He latched on to your hand leading you to the Covent Garden Kitchen restaurant where you saw two similar faces sitting on a table outside. It was your uncle Harry and Aunt Sophie sitting their chatting sipping their teas like they always did. You walked over with Bucky still gripping your hand. You stopped by the table and they looked up at you, their faces quickly showing huge smiles. They stood up hugging you and said how much they had missed you. Uncle Harry shook Bucky’s hand and Aunt Sophie kissed him on the cheek. He introduced himself as James, so gentleman like.
“Oh yes your (y/n)’s fiancé! We spoke on the phone!” Aunt Sophie spoke sitting down. You sat beside you Aunt while Bucky sat the other side; Uncle Harry was sitting opposite you.
“Yes we did. Thank you for arranging this in such short notice.” James announced placing his arm around the back of your chair.
“Oh it’s no problem at all! Anything to see my favourite niece.” She joked.
“Aunt I’m your only niece.” You laughed. You missed her stupid jokes like that.
“Let’s see the ring then!” She demanded grabbing your hand. She pulled your hand close inspecting the ring on your finger.
“Oh it’s gorgeous!” Sophie squeaked in excitement. You looked at Bucky to see the pride that was on his face, he knew the ring was gorgeous, just like the person who wears it he always said. Sophie let you take your hand back and Uncle Harry leant in and spoke in a whisper.
“Do you work for the same people my little (y/n) does for too? Are you like a spy...?”
“I’m not James Bond uncle, I work for a security agency and yes he does.” You spoke up. Bucky laughed at your film reference, he loved it when you did that.  You sat there for a while listening to old embarrassing stories of you growing up which Bucky very much enjoyed. For most of the time you hung your head in shame by some of the things they were telling him, he was going to use most of them against you later. Aunt Sophie told you about your cousin Isla who had settled down with a man after you left for New York at the age of 18. His name was Richard and they had two children together, an eight year old boy called Riley and a six year old girl called Olivia. Uncle Harry showed you pictures on his phone, and well; they certainly looked like their mother.
“Oh is that the time? We should be going now.” Sophie spoke looking at her watch. You heart sunk, they were already leaving? Uncle Harry noticed your face and so did Bucky.
“Oh sorry beautiful I didn’t tell you, we’re going with them to meet your cousin Isla and her family to watch Lion King in the theatre.” Bucky he explained watching your face light up.
“We should go now or we will be late.” Sophie announced standing up collecting her jacket and bag.
It only took a minute walk down the road until you reached the theatre. The last time you saw the Lion King at theatre was when you were about nine, you went with your parents who were alive at the time. You realised it was one of the last things you did as a family before the car crash.  You pushed that into the back of your mind as you saw Isla and her family waiting for you outside of the theatre. When you reached her Isla, instantly pulled you in for a hug saying how great it is to see you. Bucky introduced himself going for a handshake but Isla pulled him into a hug surprising him. She always was a bit friendly but not in an annoying way. Isla introduced you to her husband and kids. The kids were a lot more adorable in real life, Riley waved at you excited while Olivia hid behind her dad shyly. Bucky and Richard did a manly handshake greeting each other.
“He is cute!” Isla whispered in your ear.
“No wonder why you’re marrying him.” Isla murmured checking Bucky out head to toe. That made you feel jealous for some reason even though Isla seemed happily married, you just hated someone else doing your job, he was yours and no one else’s to ‘check out’.
“Let’s go inside now kids!” Uncle Harry shouted picking up Riley and leading into the Theatre. Auntie Sophie already had bought the tickets online so Isla suggested you go with her to buy sweets for the kids. You agreed taking Olivia’s hand in yours who still seemed a little shy. Both Riley and Olivia decided to get pick a mix so Isla helped Riley while you helped Olivia. You had to keep lifting her up to get the sweets she wanted, she laughed every time as you tickled her when you put her down. You bought the pick a mixes which were a ridiculous price and met the others in the lobby. Bucky was holding two stuffed teddies, one Simba and one Nala. Bucky held them out to Riley and Olivia who took them eagerly.
“I tried to stop him.” Richard said to Isla holding his hands up.
“You didn’t have to do that, they have enough at home.” Isla informed Bucky.
“Don’t worry about it, just a treat from me and (y/n)” Bucky spoke taking you into his arms.
“I swear all you have bought this trip is food and stuffed toys.” You joked kissing his cheek. He laughed knowing it was true.
“Oh well its Tony’s credit card, not mine.” He whispered smirking.
“We should go and take our seats now.” Uncle Harry said passing everyone a ticket. Your seats were good, in the middle on the right, great view. You were settling into your seat in between Olivia and Bucky who was sitting on the end of the row. You were smiling at Olivia who was cuddling her Nala teddy and eating her sweets. She noticed you staring and gave you a toothy grin. You laughed to yourself and looked at Bucky who was staring at you memorised.
“What?” You asked politely smiling still.
“Do you want kids?” He asked out of nowhere. His question took you by surprise but you knew the answer.
“Well yeah… But only if…you know…you want them too.” You stammered to him. He grabbed your hand making you look at him.
“Of course I do.” He smiled leaning in and kissing your lips softly. His lips were so warm and soft it felt like you were falling.
“Here.” He said passing you something from his pocket. He placed it in your hands to find it a charm bracelet he bought from the gift shop.
“Thank you it’s beautiful.” He placed it on your wrists and the show started. Everyone was transfixed on the show, especially the kids, who loved all the different animals on stage. Throughout the whole show you gripped Bucky’s hand as you watched. You looked at him now and then to find him also amazed by the show. It made you smile to yourself. At the end of the show you and Isla were in tears, you and her always cried when you watched the film as kids. When you both noticed you were crying you pointed at each other and laughed. You turned to Bucky who was still staring at the stage.
“You liked it?” You asked rubbing his hand.
“That was amazing; we’re going to have to take our kids to watch this someday.” He whispered kissing your neck. He suddenly was in kid mode which freaked you out a little but then you realised it was Bucky, how could you resist not starting a family with him. The sooner the better you thought.  You walked out of the theatre with your family who were singing the circle of life very out of tune, even Bucky was joining in.
“My gosh it’s half past four already.” Aunt Sophie said picking up Olivia.
“We should be leaving if we want to make our reservation (y/n).” Bucky said loud enough for everyone to hear. You didn’t want to leave your family yet but you did have fun.
“But you should all come down in the summer for a week.” Bucky declared.
“Oh that would be lovely.” Aunt Sophie shouted taking you into an embrace.
“Now don’t be a stranger.” Sophie whispered into your ear.
“I won’t I promise.” You whispered back kissing her on the cheek.  You hugged Richard saying how nice it was to meet him and then you hugged Riley and Olivia who thanked you for their teddies. Isla hugged you next tightly locking her arms around you.
“It was great to see you.” She confessed squeezing you.
“Great to see you too.” You replied with the remaining breath you had. Lastly you hugged your Uncle who embraced you gently.
“Be safe.” Were the only words he said.
“I will, I have Bucky.” You told him which made him smile. You said your last goodbyes and walked back down the street you came.
“Thanks for arranging to meet them, I really needed that.” You said wrapping your arm around Bucky’s waist. When you got inside your apartment you were confused, Bucky said you had a reservation.
“I thought you said we had a reservation?” You asked Bucky who put down the Disney Store bag down beside the suitcases.
“I did but you need to get changed. I’m taking you somewhere very fancy.” He replied with a posh English accent. Now you realised why he laughed at you, it sounded ridiculous. You giggled as he walked into the bathroom like a Queen’s guard with another shirt and tie which were both black. You looked in your suitcase to find a black dress folded at the bottom. You held it up to find it had only one sleeve that reached the wrist and had lace in the middle of it, definitely one of Peppers.  You got out a pair of black high heels to match and got changed. It felt weird to be in a dress so showing of your figure but you liked it, a lot. You put down your hair letting the (y/n) locks fall down your back. You felt two hands attach to your waist turning you around. Suddenly a pair of familiar lips came crushing down onto yours. You closed your eyes enjoying the moments when Bucky couldn’t control himself. He pulled out, his breath laboured and shallow.
“Sorry but you look so good.” He stuttered kissing your jaw.
“Stop we have a reservation to a place I don’t even know about yet.” You slurred as he kissed your lips again. He sighed and lent out.
“Fine but when we get back you won’t be able to stop me.” He confessed with eyes filled with lust. You knew he wasn’t lying. You took a small black handheld purse from your suitcase putting your phone and purse inside. Bucky placed his hand securely on your waist and guided you to the outside where a posh blacked out car was waiting for you. The two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stepped out from the car and opened the two back doors for you and Bucky. You hadn’t seen them all day.
“I had them stay a bit further away today as I don’t think you would have wanted your family to get suspicious of two men following around who looked like they belonged in a Men in Black movie.” You turned to him surprised.
“Good movie reference.” You high fived him ecstatically. You got in the car sitting closely to Bucky as one of the agents drove. You still hated them for being here even though they weren’t doing anything wrong, knowing they were there watching annoyed you the most. You were in the car for only a few minute until you parked outside The Ritz.
“Aren’t we a bit low class for somewhere like this?” You asked Bucky nervously.
“You’re not.” He argued. You smiled as he always made you feel special. He got out of the car and you waited for him to open your door and escort you in. The place was amazing; it was filled with white table clothed circular tables with flowered patterned chairs. It had stunning crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that illuminated the large room. Everyone inside looked very rich and a bit snooty. You knew that Bucky was going to be annoying in some way just for them.
“Good evening sir and madam, what name are you under for the reservation?” The waiter asked in a full French accent. You could tell Bucky was trying not to laugh at him so you gently elbowed him smiling at the waiter.
“Barnes it’s under Barnes.” Bucky replied with a low muscular voice. He was having fun already. The waiter scanned the reservation list with his finger.
“Ah yes here you are Mr Barnes, if you would like to follow me.” The waiter spoke walking into the huge room.
“Ladies first.” Bucky said bowing.
“Stop.” You snapped but you couldn’t help but laugh. You followed the waiter who stopped at a table in the middle of the room and sat you down. A table in the centre of a packed restaurant with Bucky was not a good idea.
When you first ordered the champagne you started to down the glass each time Bucky did something embarrassing hoping it would seem less embarrassing you and it did, you became embarrassing with him. Your laughing started to annoy everyone including the staff so when you ordered your food almost came to you instantly, they wanted to get rid of you. For starters you and Bucky both ordered the Var Salmon. Bucky only ordered it because it was the only starter he understood. For the main you ordered the Rhug Farm Chicken and Bucky ordered the Roast Halibut only because it had the word but in it, that’s how drunk he was. For dessert you both shared a chocolate soufflé which got a tad bit messy. Bucky got a lot on his jacket which he smudged in more when trying to wipe it. The cheque came to you without even asking. You giggle with Bucky by how annoyed everyone was getting. Bucky was surprised by how drunk you had gotten. He was even more surprised when you ran your foot up his leg. He gave you a nervous cough by the sudden contact. You smiled sneakily drinking the rest of your wine. He paid the cheque and down his almost lifting you up from your chair and outside into the waiting car. You noticed the time was nine and you had been in there for about four hours annoying the hell out of everyone. You felt like you accomplished something. Straight as you got into the apartment clothes were being ripped from bodies and you were shoved onto the bed.
“Let’s make a baby.” Bucky whispered into your ear slightly slurring his words from how drunk he was, but still, he was no less attractive.

Hope you liked this one guys! The next part is going to be pretty intense so I will try and get that part up tonight if not then tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading!
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